Viva la Airborne, Baby!

Airborne cures cancer!
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Alright, Airborne might not really cure cancer, but it really works to prevent illness! Not taking Airborne is for suckas.

Don't know about Airborne? Here are the scientific facts:

If you take Airborne before entering a crowded environment or right when you start to feel sick, it is likely that you will beat any illnesses thrown at you besides maybe cancer. Maybe. If you take it when you are sick, even if it doesn't make you better, the vitamins and amino acids and other crap will make you feel way better and have more energy, and for the record this is NOTHING AT ALL LIKE DRINKING A RED BULL even though some idiot pharmacology majors who think that Advil, Red Bull, and a shower cures everything would contend that this is so. Granted, these things help, but they pale in comparison to Airborne's magical formula.

Also, I should point out that Airborne is an AMAZING hangover remedy, and taking it at work doesn't look as odd as taking something like Midol, especially if you're a guy.

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